Comfort & Joy™

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NewCourtland is a recognized leader in innovative senior programming. We are particularly proud of Comfort & Joy™, our award-winning interactive arts and cultural program, which celebrates intergenerational artistic achievement by pairing seniors with school-aged children and local artists. Comfort & Joy™ has garnered national attention and has given voice to seniors while encouraging them to remain involved and active in their communities.


Comfort & Joy™ Awards

Click here for a complete list of International, National and Regional Awards given to NewCourtland's Comfort & Joy™ program.

NewCourtland’s Artist Fellowship Combines Seniors, Students, Soul and Skills in an Artistic Showcase.

43-1The annual Artist Fellowship—in partnership with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA)—is an integral part of Comfort & Joy™, NewCourtland’s award-winning intergenerational arts and culture program. This partnership brings together students from local schools and colleges to collaborate with seniors who are being served within the NewCourtland Network to create artworks that reflect their shared life stories and experiences. By combining the talents of celebrated artists with those who are both “young in age” and “young at heart,” the Artist Fellowship program showcases incredible individual and group skills and fosters a real sense of self-pride in one’s abilities, heritage and community.


The NewCourtland Artist Fellowship is a premier program of Comfort & Joy™ an intergenerational arts and cultural initiative that serves as the “art and soul” of NewCourtland preventing social isolation amongst the seniors it serves while celebrating the talents and experience of all generations. The mission of the Center for Emerging Visual Artists is to advance careers of visual artists in the region; to promote relationships between artists and the communities in which they live; and to increase access to visual art for everyone.